Censorship in music is wrong

History of music censorship

In , the band released "God Save the Queen," which called out the "Fascist regime" of the British government. The ban prompted many Iranian musicians to move to the U. Yes, some music promotes drug sex, violence, gangs. Tarm says the dedication in his program notes offers enough explanation. Two members were arrested on March 3rd and another on March 16th. Heavy metal is targeted as anti-religious. So she couldn't have been too surprised when the video for her single "Born Free" -- which showed red-headed youth being round up and brutally murdered -- was initially rejected by Youtube due to its violent content. Yes, some, rappers and singers don't care what the youth hear. However, until January , it remained illegal to sell recordings containing Japanese-language lyrics. Secondly, other people believe that music censorship is important for the security of the children and for tolerance. Of course, in most other nations the track went uncensored.

Music censorship can be a positive thing if only it is done with limitations. Also, I would like to point out what one of my friends had said.

In the context of this song, I do not feel that there is any negative intent behind the use of the words, hence the reversal of the decision.

why music censorship is unnecessary

It keeps the number of suicide attempts down. Tucker sued Tupac's estate for emotional distress and slander over the song; the suit was later dismissed.

Other songs though like: Fack, Just Lose It, and Superman aren't the best songs and, yes, I don't really agree with them being made, but hey, it is what it is.

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The last point I would like to make is that parents are trying to hide themselves by them preventing their kids from listening to that music. The music industry is more influential than anything that happens in Washington, which is why the responsibility of censorship falls upon the parents not the government. Parents should educate their children on the appropriateness of words instead of the radio doing all the talking through silence. Silence and bleeping, on the other hand, only draw more attention to expletives. It keeps children from the truth. Key Resources Turn That Down! Some radio stations do their share by censoring in different forms like resampling, repeating, distorting and skipping. In , Googoosh was given authorization to embark on an international comeback tour. If a parent took time to explain that that's not okay or to not take songs literally when they hear them then we wouldn't have that problem or it would be less of a problem. It can stem from a law imposed by a government or voluntary censorship done by private individuals on their music and lyrics. Jul Rap lyrics cited for murder charge Virginia rapper Antwain Steward, also known as Twain Gotti, was charged with two counts of murder in July after some of his lyrics were used as evidence against him. Censorship of music is the practice of restricting free access to musical works. In the last 40 years many newspapers have been shut down, journalists have been imprisoned and media stations smothered beneath stifling government control. By censoring music, they think it keeps the children from learning the truth about life.

They say that the law should stay the same and not change, people should of the right to buy and listen to what they want. Tarm says the dedication in his program notes offers enough explanation.

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Although slightly changing lyrics repeatedly in one song may prove cumbersome to artists, they have a general idea of what words will not be allowed on the radio when recording it. The case for censorship would be stronger if decency standards set by government agencies that control the radio were more standardized. The solution or compromise in the case of censorship starts with the radios. We are listening to music in our car, on our iPod in the bus, when we walk, when we do our homework and before going to bed. Rap and hip hop have been blamed for increased street violence and shootings. Firstly, people who believe music censorship is not good are basing their beliefs on the fact that we all have a freedom of speech and it should not be blocked. Music is a very influential medium and can do so in a positive and negative way.

The restrictions were relaxed in the years that followed, especially under reformist president Mohammad Khatami in the 's. With the addition of a standardized system, the censorship process will be easier on artists and listeners alike. Submit Music should not be censored.

Firstly, people who believe music censorship is not good are basing their beliefs on the fact that we all have a freedom of speech and it should not be blocked.

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8 Most Valid Pros and Cons of Music Censorship