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This image will be presented in our marketing materials, sell sheets, signage, website, and the presentation and attitude of our employees. Direct Mail marketing campaigns to our target market. Although, as stated before, coffee consumption is uniform across different income segments, Java Culture will price its product offerings competitively. Census data, the millennials have overtaken the baby boomers as America's largest living generation. Quick Links. Section 3: Market Analysis and the Competition In this section of the coffee shop business plan, you need to demonstrate that you have thoroughly analyzed the target market and that there is enough demand for your products to make your coffee business viable. Expansion: Assuming this store is successful, it will be the first of a chain of Coffee Beans coffeehouses located in markets that have similar demographic profiles, significant traffic by the store, year-round tourist activity and a sizeable student population. The local business market is strong and has been relatively unaffected by previous economic downturns. We expect a healthy growth in net worth and a healthy financial position. For us, this will provide a unique possibility for building a loyal client base. Our market research shows that these are the customer groups that are most likely to buy gourmet coffee products. Product Description The menu of the Java Culture coffee bar will be built around espresso-based coffee drinks such as lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, etc.

Marketing strategies aimed to build a solid base of loyal customers, as well as maximising the sales of high margin products, such as espresso drinks. We strongly believe that selling coffee with a great service in a nice setting will help us build a strong base of loyal clientele.

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The company will also finance growth through cash flow. A minor deviation from the amount of coffee in the shot, the size of the coffee particles, the temperature of milk, etc. Java Jake's Coffee House will be the go-to place for coffee lovers. By the end of year three, the business will clear of any debt and expect further expansion to take advantage of opportunities at market place. Liberty coffeehouse is determined to become a daily necessity for local coffee addicts, a place to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends or to read a book, all in one. The space has been vacant for several months and the owner is motivated and has offered a four year lease with a fifth year free. This will be achieved by using high-quality ingredients and strictly following preparation guidelines.

Sales Literature Two thousand flyers will be distributed in the adjacent neighbourhood, on the University campus, at the malls and in the selected office buildings within two weeks prior to the opening of Java Culture.

Target Market Segment Strategy Java Culture will cater to people who want to get their daily cup of great-tasting coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. For the gourmet clientele that prefers to prepare its coffee at home, Java Culture will also be selling coffee beans.

Financial Plan: Our concept is unique; however, we also need to convince lending institution that it can be successful and profitable.

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Then came Mercedes-Benz. In addition, we will focus on increasing the gross margin by improving our purchasing methods to reduce the cost of goods sold.

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Coffee drinkers in the Pacific Northwest are among the most demanding ones.

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