Daily writing assignments for 5th grade

What is the coolest-looking building in our city?

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Compare and contrast two insects or animals that are similar, but have different characteristics such as a bumblebee and a yellow jacket or a horse and a mule. If you could go to space at some point in your life, what would you most like to see or experience? These are my go-to morning activity with subs. If the leaves turn blue during their season, for instance, they can use marker to trace and color a fallen leaf. Pair their art and writing to create and publish them in a stylish and professionally bound classbook. Family Traditions. Class Pet. Scan or photograph their art and publish it alongside their writing in a beautiful, full-color classbook! Would they live it up, pranking their co-stars on set and going to lavish cast parties—or would they use their money and fame for good while they had it? Imagine that you discover an uncharted land that you claim as a new country. Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts Persuasive essays are those written to convince another person to agree with the writer or take action. Creepy Crawlies. Should some sports, toys, or activities be restricted only to boys or only to girls?

How would it work? Do you think zoos are good for animals?

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As students transition from elementary school to middle school, they frequently become more adept at expressing their own thoughts and ideas—and in many cases, also even more eager to do so! What is the coolest-looking building in our city? The Sequel. Describe what makes him or her so interesting and what you think of his or her life. What is the best video game on the planet? Write about your day in the life of that person. Continue Reading. Do you play any musical instruments?

Then, combining the photos and their writing, publish their work and their costumes in a fun and creative classbook! Write about your day in the life of that person. The weather outside is beautiful for the first time in weeks.

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All Hail the King. Would you rather give a gift or receive a gift? Where do you like to go when you need some time to be alone?

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Family Traditions. Do you believe aliens exist? These are my go-to morning activity with subs. If you could change any one thing about the world, what would you change?

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PROJECT IDEA Take the comic book theme of this narrative prompt to the next level by asking your students to draw and color a one-page set of comic or storyboard panels illustrating the scene described.

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