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Only investing in education institutional premises is not enough, these will become centres of learning only if the students and teachers connect, and interest in teaching and learning is enhanced using appropriate pedagogy.

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Vocational education is evolving prominently and generates skilled and trained workers for specific jobs. We will need to urgently transform our education system to meet the aspirational needs of the new generation, which will ensure that India's demographic dividend continues to remain its asset. The recent initiatives of having smart classrooms in public schools could go a long way in addressing this need of an enabling ecosystem with features and facilities like digital content, broadcasting classes conducted by experienced teachers, interactive classes through video conferencing, etc. It provides an option other than the traditional forms of professional courses like engineering and medical. Conclusion Vocational education will provide tremendous opportunities to youth in various sectors. These students are trained in real practical situations, making them instantly employable in their specific trade. Schemes Offered by the Government of India The Government of India offers many schemes to provide vocational training to the underprivileged or economically backward sections. There is greater need of skilled manpower that can meet the job expectations. It was assessed that about 25 per cent students in the age group of years could not read basic text fluently in their own language, and more than half faced challenges in performing basic arithmetic.

Manufactured goods worth crores of rupees are being imported every year. However, vast majority of the youth does not have access to such facilities and quality teachers due to issues like affordability and their location -- especially those residing in semi-urban and rural areas.

Related posts:. All educated young minds cannot be absorbed in this vocation. Cheating is an illegal activity but technology made it more powerful and easy to use with its powerful wings.

Conclusion Vocational Education is nothing less than a blessing for those who cannot go for professional courses for some reason or the other. Standard publications are not available in Indian language.

Large number of primary schools has no buildings what to talk of basic facilities like drinking water, urinals and electricity, furniture and study materials etc. The existence of skilled manpower is beneficial to the society and also for the economic development of the nation.

Pakistan leads in the technological era.

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Laboratories with requisite instruments and equipment Computers for students to learn and experiment with Having a good school building with spacious classrooms is not enough; it needs to be maintained so that students find it to be an inviting environment to which they look forward to coming every day to learn.

These things can perhaps become serious obstacles in their development. It is seen that many students who are not very good academically in their school prove to be good employees and attain great heights professionally.

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Softwares keep on upgrading and if a teacher does not possess technical skills, it becomes difficult for him to execute it in the right direction. Hence we have to be mechanics and technicians to manage these, and must build up heavy industries to manufacture these. Every year some new fields are included in vocational training courses, providing the students a good number of options to choose from. Vocational education prepares students to take up highly rewarding jobs and help them become independent at young age. It requires less time than professional courses and is much cheaper to pursue. It was assessed that about 25 per cent students in the age group of years could not read basic text fluently in their own language, and more than half faced challenges in performing basic arithmetic. The students with vocational training have advantage over the college pass outs. Most of the polytechnics in the country offer three year generalized diploma courses in conventional disciplines such as Civil, Electrical Mechanical, Automobile Engineering. Unemployment, therefore, stares them in the face. The vocational programs provide students with hands on instruction and training that leads them to certification or a diploma. Career Advancement: For people who already have a job and want to acquire further skills to enhance their career, vocational education is the best alternative. It leads to wastage of 5nancial and human resources. For developing a technology, it needed high skill teams which have a high data for the theme. If it would be at International level then it would be easier to students to grab data in their own state so that they could do something for their own country.
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