Explain the main determinants of health

Social status is measured by education, and work status is measured by occupation.

4 determinants of health

For example, poor health or lack of education can impact employment opportunities which in turn constrain income. It also includes the ability to navigate complex health care systems. Braveman, P.

Explain the main determinants of health

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion ODPHP has broadly categorised the determinants of health [2]these have been summarised below: Policymaking Policies at the local, state, and federal level affect individual and population health. Health Disparity A type of difference in health that is closely linked with social or economic disadvantage.

Examples include: Availability of resources to meet daily needs, such as educational and job opportunities, living wages, or healthful foods Social norms and attitudes, such as discrimination Exposure to crime, violence, and social disorder Social support and social interactions Socioeconomic conditions, such as concentrated poverty Quality schools Urbanisation and the built environment, such as buildings or transportation Worksites, schools, and recreational settings Health Services Both access to health services and the quality of health services can impact health.

They include intangible factors such as political, socioeconomic, and cultural constructs, as well as place-based conditions including accessible healthcare and education systems, safe environmental conditions, well-designed neighborhoods, and availability of healthful food. They are also tackling challenges in education with kindergarten readiness, mentoring, and STEM programs.

Socioeconomic Status A composite measure that typically incorporates economic, social, and work status. Biology and genetics Some biological and genetic factors affect specific populations more than others.

determinants of health definition

Final report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health. In tackling the social determinants of health, providers are partnering with community organizations to improve access to housing, healthy food, education, job training, transportation and more.

There are many comonly accepted determinants of health but there is no single definition. Health disparities negatively affect groups of people who have systematically experienced greater social or economic obstacles to health.

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Determinants of Health