How to write activex dll in vb6

The interesting thing is any program that uses a shared component server can share the values.

activex exe and activex dll

EDIT 1 : To expound a bit, when I say that "they didn't work", what I mean is that in the case of the first link, the program still failed to find the function with an error message like "Function entry point not found" and in the second case I consistently and repeatedly received a memory write error when trying to call the function not fun.

Leave everything on this page as the default, and click the "Finish" button. All of these applications make use of piece of hardware constructed by my employer. The compiler will also do us the favor of entering this new DLL into the system registry.

Activex exe in vb

So, how do we do it? When you try to create an instance of the class, the system will decide that the program is looking for an incompatible DLL version and will display the message: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface To fix this, load the main program, open the Project menu, and select References. So far, so good. The New Project window should appear. And, we want this method to be visible throughout the Project, but not to clients of the classes in the project. But that doesn't help me because I can't compile the module into a DLL file let alone figuring out events in VB6 and a truck load of other things, but I'm getting ahead of myself. End Sub Save your work, and run it. Notice also that the program creates the two Customer objects when it starts and it keeps those objects running. Then open the References dialog again and reselect the DLL. Google has also inundated me with a lot of red herrings and been in general not very helpful. If you can't figure it out, click the Browse button and find the DLL yourself. This way we can be sure that we do not modify the string by accident that was passed to us by the calling program.

As such, you need to access the Private variable in the Puppy class that holds the current value of the Parent property we'll use cParent for the namewhich you can't do directly. MultiUse The main program can create the object. You should have an empty function with which to work.

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It continues to use that instance whenever it needs to execute a global method.

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Creating a ActiveX DLL in VB by Ribamar FS (from psc cd)