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To top all of this, the numbers of subjects and books have also increased tremendously and most children are finding it difficult to cope with these extra burdens. Be a role model who shows remorse by apologizing and correcting yourself when you have done something you regret, even if it has not hurt someone else.

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Confront Misbehavior With Dignity Along with clearly defined limits, students must be confronted in a dignified way when they step beyond the boundaries. We need to learn from nature. Popular Articles:. The teachers and lecturers in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions have turned themselves to instruments in the hand of satan to use in teaching the younger generation prostitution cigarrette smoking and many more evils. Please stop doing it. One of the most effective lessons you can give is to show genuine remorse when you make a mistake. Many of our students are victims of this evil. If we want to uproot indiscipline among our youth class, basic change in the present education system is very important.

May the Almighty save our nation Our children need our prayer, care, love etc morethan ever before, if we actually want a change for good. He will not only not be bored; he will have some investment in making sure the other students in class behave.

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Having the class develop statements of values to be used for establishing rules can also make a difference. Does it take away freedom? Most young people today believe in having things their own way. Make sure your class knows that your are wiping the slate and that your expectations of them will no longer be compromised! Discipline is not something which you do to others. Yet most of us tell children what to do when they break rules, rather than teach them what to do differently in the future. Help the child feel that he or she is part of the group or class.

A teacher intervenes with a student who hit another student. Welcoming means more than just greeting. When disciplining a student, you can tell her that you will not give up on her or on trying to find a way to improve your relationship with her.

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Bad habits: some students have acquired bad habits from the previous teaching experiences. Related posts:. These rules must be selected carefully, based on values, and reflect what most faculty and students believe. Today's films dwell more on violence and other crimes which divert young minds.

Many stubborn, disobedient,wayward, foolish boys and girls are today all over our streets than we are able to imagine.

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