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Other studies believe in the power of rehabilitation to save most, if not all, of these youths.

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Police and officials in those cities applaud the fact that serious juvenile offenders from the early s were given adult sentences due to a crackdown at the time. Teenagers should be tried as adults for the violent crimes that they commit. In general, however, it can be argued that violent crimes will decrease if a tougher penalty is assessed based on the juvenile being tried in adult court. Those who commit capitol crimes, including adolescents, should be penalized according to the law. Texas has never been faced with the question we face them with today. Today officials still are having trouble with this situation. Should Juveniles be tried as Adults? It happened due to the significant rise of the juvenile crime rates Fagan, Many legal and juvenile experts have argued that trying juveniles as adults will only make things worse. Works Cited. If minors who commit violent crimes were tried as adults and punished as adults, the number of violent crimes committed by youths would decline. Children who commit malicious crimes can either be tried as a child or an adult. Juvenile waiver, statutory exclusion, and Concurrent Jurisdiction are the three different methods used to transfer a juvenile to adult court.

Advertising Looking for essay on criminal law? How is it that these people that the government deems responsible in some ways are suddenly too immature to realize that they are pointing a gun at someone or physically or sexually assaulting another human being?

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Are juveniles under the age of 18 fully capable of being held responsible for their actions or are all juveniles mentally incapable of realizing their actions will have consequences?

What draws the line between a juvenile and adult crime Certainly, some of the situations of these youth s are probably sad and terrible, but that does not excuse their behavior.

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Concurrent Jurisdiction is when the juvenile may be tried as an adult and a juvenile at once. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, In my opinion I think they should because when you turn a certain age, you gain certain privileges. Certainly, some of the situations of these youth s are probably sad and terrible, but that does not excuse their behavior. There are multiple pros and cons to juveniles being tried as adult. These kids know right from wrong, but they choose to do the wrong things and violence is wrong. The punishments and sentences that are meted out by juvenile courts are not usually appropriate to the kind of crime that has been committed Cole and Smith At issue. However, the government has already deemed this age group able to have a job or drive a car. The truth is that state and federal guidelines simply attach an age to privileges. At what age should one be.

A juvenile is subject to a more severe sentence with the limited sentencing available. Some legal experts have argued that setting artificial guidelines to be used in determining whether a juvenile is an adult will restrict the ability of the court system to convict the juvenile offenders based on the type of crime they have committed Hile At what age should one be.

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Although children have to learn the difference between what is right and wrong in their first years of life, most of them do not have enough experience to show that they are capable of living within society independently.

Knowing the age of a person suspected to be a juvenile is vital, because this will assist the authorities to decide which court the individual should be charged in.

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Juvenile Offenders Should be Tried as Adults Essay