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How do our customers see us? If you do some research on KPIs, you'll notice there are literally thousands of measures that can be used in business.

Employee performance measurement tools and techniques

Strategic visions can be difficult to communicate, but by breaking your top level objectives down into smaller concrete targets you'll make it easier to manage the process of delivering them. How do you measure customer satisfaction? Measurements then are used by a company for assessment of the processes, reduce variations and control methods, continuously improve the systems in place and manage assessment to ensure goals are being met with efficiency and effectiveness. A performance measure is a number and a unit of measurement, the number, which is called a magnitude, measures how much is being done and the unit tells what is being done. Higher stock turn rates indicate that a business is operating efficiently and not tying up resources in slow-moving inventory. I try to conduct performance reviews twice a year. The difference between the two ultimately comes down this: Business metrics are used to track all areas of business KPIs target critical areas of performance For example, a metric may monitor website traffic compared to a goal, whereas a KPI would monitor how website traffic contributed to incremental sales. The report aims to cut through the noise to understand how companies are using measurement and analytics to boost revenue and profit growth, while also looking at the types of technology and data which are used to meet these ends.

Here are some tips on selecting and using these measures. Stay Current On The Market Sometimes, you need to know how the market is doing in order to measure the success of your own business.

performance measurement tools examples

Again, your priority here should be to look for as close a link as possible with those elements of your performance that determine your success. Learn more: What is a KPI?

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And finally, if there was extensive revamping done to the work process, then there needs to be new performance measures set. With it, you can grow your business and continue pursuing your entrepreneurial dream.


Stock turns ST - this gauges the number of times a business sells and replaces its inventory. Produced actions: These refer to all the actions, results, products associated with producing and completing the task. Safety — is an overall measurement of the health of the organization and the surrounding work environment for employees. This puts you in a better position to manage your performance proactively. When starting to use CSFs, consider selecting the most meaningful and easiest to assess. That way, you can easily count the number of new customers per month or year. A report showing before and after processing time would definitely quantify the value of IT service improvements! If yes, is it successful? This needs to be controlled because of the impact on productivity, efficiency and quality of other units of measurement 3. By contrast, a business' exposure to fluctuations in interest rates can be controlled and so this might make a useful KPI. Measuring progress is a hallmark of successful companies, according to a BDC study of more than 1, small and medium-sized businesses.
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What are business metrics? Definition and Examples