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However, despite these economic difficulties, Samsung had sales of KRW Without greater attention and commitment from the center, China's environment is likely to continue to deteriorate throughout much of the country, causing further social and economic distress domestically and levying even greater costs on the environmental future of the rest of the world.

This is a positive sign for international businesses like Samsung.

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As Samsung intends to expand global footprint, international business strategy would be adopted inevitably by the company. Here, too, the opportunities for public-private partnership are extensive.

This argues for continued significant involvement from the international community in assisting China's environmental protection effort.

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Apart from that it also makes use of digital technology for marketing and better customer service. Only innovated products and creative technologies can differentiate products from others.

Probe International and Human Rights Watch have joined International Rivers Network in monitoring the resettlement process and the local political situation around the Dam and have issued several scathing reports regarding the corruption that has plagued the resettlement efforts.

A major source of this pollution is industrial waste from paper mills, printing and dyeing factories, chemical plants, and other small highly polluting and largely unregulated township and village enterprises.

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