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To access paper record they Printing words - 5 pages the technology has reached a broader public. The process of communicating does not stop; it occurs cycle after cycle. This paper will include new terminology learned from my reading, how will this new terminology and knowledge apply to a career in criminal justice, how can not knowing the proper terminology affect you as I conduct criminal justice research, and how will knowing these terms be an asset to me when evaluating and analyzing studies or data? The communist leader Ho Chi Minh led his forces based in the north and defeated the French in …. Social Work Review, I 3 , Why is a peer-to-peer architecture not desirable in a business environment? The point is to apply knowledge toward enhancing efficiency in an organization. New Terminology and how it applies to a career in Criminal Justice Replication is the recurrence of controlled procedures or investigations using the same methods Hagan,

Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology 8th ed. Crime analysis is the systematic, analytic methods directed at supplying useful information related to illegal patterns Ibid, nd. This paper will explore some of the various research methods that are applied to the criminal justice system and explain how the knowledge of the terminology involved can be a valuable tool within these methods of research.

Crime analysis in the criminal justice field can aid in the career of scientists because he or she uses examinations, violation representations, violation programs, arrest records, law enforcements calls as well as additional means to show applicable data Wilson, There exists at least one dependent variable and one independent variable at the most basic level.

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The process of communicating does not stop; it occurs cycle after cycle. Chopping a hole in it.

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Thus, millions of dollars have been spent on police patrol efforts that do not reduce crime, judicial practices that are widely perceived as unfair, rehabilitation programs that do not rehabilitate offenders and countless other failures Hagan, pg.

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Following the research process will strengthen the chance of obtaining a successful, well researched project. Those interested in the criminal justice field have a wide range of research methods at their disposal. Pure basic research is concerned with the acquisition of new data for the sake of science or the development of the field Hagan, When looking over the documentation and definitions of each new vocabulary term knowing the right terms will aid in the research Dena will be able to show any mistakes if any. Research Expert boxes featuring criminal justice professionals demonstrate how research methods are vital to the work they do and the value of research in justice-related careers. Presence of a suitable target. The goal of our research was to examine how technology changes the approach to team design and how technology will aid the creative decision-making process. Research Methods as a Career Chapter 14 connects the content to the real-world application of research that students can pursue post-graduation.
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