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He argued that it is natural for the most able to govern.

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Originally, therefore, he opposed the use of force for their coming back in favor of gentle discussion and instruction. We have no way of knowing which, though, since only at the Last Judgment will the separation be made between souls to be saved the Chosen ones, who will be united with God and those to be damned. In A. But, the treatise was not polemical except sporadically when arguing against Arianism , as there was no concerted attack upon the doctrine of the Trinity. Finally, Aquinas also left un-answered the question: who has the ultimate say especially in cases of overlap — church or state? Again, the unity of the Church was at stake theologically. If it was needed, a monarch could be constrained by a constitution and some diffusion of power - state and church are separate, with different parts to play in the promotion of the common good — the state in particular ensures the survival of the individual in a community - given what was said above concerning the ability of the individual to criticise the law, then for Aquinas the individual is not totally bound by the state. But Augustine took the subject more seriously. As a student in Thagaste and then Carthage, Augustine runs amok in sexual adventures and false philosophies most notably Manicheism. Like Moses led the Israelites towards the land of Canaan from their year slavery in Egypt by encouraging them to stay away from idol-worshipping , Augustine led the Christians towards the City of God from their year persecution in the Roman Empire by encouraging them to stay away from various heresies. Augustine remains a central figure both within Christianity and in the history of Western thought, and is considered by modern historian Thomas Cahill to be "almost the last great classical man — very nearly the first medieval man.

Augustine introduced the fusion of Platonism and Christianity, made possible through his readings of Apuleius, Plotinusand Porphyry. The ideas expressed in the writings of the great philosophers, such as …show more content… By replacing the absoluteness of Stoicism with absoluteness of God Augustine had successfully incorporated Stoicism into Christianity.

In other words, baptism can be conferred even by heretics and schismatics as long as they give it in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, because the real source of baptism is God and not any human being.

Nonetheless, Augustine was successful in his aim of getting Platonic ideas absorbed into the Church's view of the nature of reality.

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I am omitting much of the early history of Christianity here, especially the split with the Eastern, Orthodox Church — also Gelasius, Gregory and the concilliar movement — for these see Sabine. Human beings are, [Augustine] insists, broken. Let us walk honestly, as in the day, not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. When it comes to the question of how this moral evil starts, however, Augustine seems to have had no real answer. His Platonic realism is evident in his assertion that when Adam fell, all his descendents also fell because of their close ontological connection with him through the common essence of human nature in which all humans participate. Augustine affirmed the reality of original sin, by saying that the entire human race partakes of Adam's sin both in terms of "guilt" and "corruption. Writing during the Patristic Era, he is viewed as one of the most important Church Fathers. Charlemagne — would be crowned by the Pope, showing a unity of Church and state the Holy Roman Empire. Augustine commented on the morality of war from a Christian perspective, as did several Arabic commentators from the 9th to the 12th centuries. After being persecuted by Emperor Constantine , these schismatics became resentful, furious, and even violent. This view of the solidarity of humankind as regards original sin does not have to bring in Satan as the center of original sin, much less what could be called Satan's lineage. Their first ideas of any war. Augustine at the end of the.

But, the theory of mutual indwelling apparently had the threeness of the Trinity as its presupposition. From the very beginning Christianity has been in a ' just war. Augustine affirmed the reality of original sin, by saying that the entire human race partakes of Adam's sin both in terms of "guilt" and "corruption.

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He saw new philosophical ideas as playing a secondary role to the religious revelation. His theology, however, has received various criticisms. The teachings of St.

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Augustine of Hippo is unforgettable great character even more than years past. Cicero and st augustines just war theory classical.

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Ii Cicero and St. Some Coleman suggest that for Augustine peace and security were very valuable goods, and sedition and insurrection were very wrong Luther, and to some extent Calvin, took a similar line in the Reformation , and so even a bad state must be accepted as punishment for our sin. His journey was a long but fulfilling one where he eventually found solace and true happiness in Christianity. So, Augustine's thesis that the knife itself as a being is good, and that evil is simply the privation of its being with respect of measure, form, and order, which is non-substantial, seems not to be able to explain our actual experiences properly. The Catholic Church, of course, is far from perfect, containing bad Christians as well as good ones, but if they love one another, baptism conferred will be efficaciously and profitably used. Finally, Aquinas also left un-answered the question: who has the ultimate say especially in cases of overlap — church or state? According to Augustine, original sin is the sin of disobedience committed by Adam when he fell, and it affects all his descendants because the whole essence of human nature was contained in him. One simple question: If God creates a world sharply separated from himself, can it be his real partner of love to communicate with? God created all things at once.

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