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Add to it the energy and determination, youth can be considered to be almost the whole population because a young person can do the works of several old people. Education helps in building the right foundation for a person and empowers him to make independent choices and chase his dreams. Thus, they have the most important role to play in the development of our nation. Common Factors Hamper the Progress and Development of Youths Unemployment, underemployment and poverty are some factors that deprive youths from using their full potential for their personal good as well as that of society. Providing quality education, employment opportunities and empowerment to the youths are key factors in achieving progress and development of the nation. However, we can only help you in selecting the right path and it is you and only you who will have to walk on that path. Age may be art, age may be wisdom — and it is important, of course — but youth represents hope. The government of our country must make special efforts to provide right education to them in order to make them think logically, rationally and open mindedly. Well educated and trained youths contribute their skills in almost every sector in a developing economy. The efforts of youth can help in rapid growth and development of our nation. We must teach responsibility and goal setting. The youth, if provided right motivation and opportunities, can transform any country into a superpower. However, it is important that the youth gets to exercise their freedom of speech, ideas and opinions.

Spirited young men and women of the new generation can play a great role in the socio-economic regeneration of the society. So, they are very well suited for various jobs. The young generation shoulders a huge chunk of the responsibility of nation building; not the politicians or the policy makers alone.

The youth is coming out on the streets and protesting when they have to.

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Clearly, you are the youth of today and youth of our nation. In terms of educational infrastructure, India has been witnessing a massive growth, but it is not enough. However, when I observe young people around whiling away their time in useless things, I feel a strong urge to correct their behavior and make them utilize their time wisely.

They have fire in them to fly high and chase the sky. We must get control of this. Youths want the nation to be a better place.

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