The sound of music film essay

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Looking at the film one can see so many types of shots that the directors used. The film is interestingly covered with so many different shots that are taken from different angles to achieve this targeted angle.

That book was in turn based on Baroness Maria von Trapp's autobiography The von Trapp Family Singers about the exploits of the family of singers and their escape from the Nazis in Austria in As the name suggests, the movie be full of songs that are part of the plot of the movie.

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The sound of music is classified as a drama, and a family movie that was released in the United Kingdom in How do you feel when watching the ending? Of note is the perfect amalgam that is seen between the voice of Maria, her story and the lyrics.

The sound of music film essay

The eldest girl, sixteen-year-old Liesl Charmian Carris in love with messenger Rolfe Daniel Truhittewho visits her in the garden after delivering telegrams to the captain — a union kept secret from the certainly disapproving father.

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The Sound of Music review