The stanley cup

He is followed by Jean Beliveau and Yvan Cournoyer of the Canadiens with ten championships, Claude Provost of the Canadiens with nine, and three players tied with eight: Red Kelly four with the Red Wings, four with the Leafs, the most for any player who was not a member of the Canadiens and Canadiens players Jacques LemaireMaurice Richard.

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Challengers will be recognized in the order in which their request is received. When he won the Cup again in with the New York Rangers, Messier and his teammates brought the trophy to another strip club—Scores in Manhattan.

Number in parenthesis represents the player's total goals or assists to that point of the entire four rounds of the playoffs.

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OR: Must have played, or have dressed as the backup goaltender, for at least one game of the Stanley Cup Finals for the championship team, AND: Must be on the roster when the team wins the Stanley Cup.

However, notwithstanding the aforementioned legal obligation, the NHL considering not only the WHA's presence but also the rising caliber of European ice hockey leagues quietly stopped calling its champions the world champions.

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But fans believe the errors add to the idiosyncratic nature of the Cup. Ticket receipts from the challenge games are to be split equally between both teams. Legend has it that after their win, Messier brought the Cup to an Edmonton strip club called the Forum Inn and set the trophy on the main stage. Stanley never saw a Stanley Cup championship game, nor did he ever present the Cup. And it has seen its fair share of vice. And it once spent all night in an Ottawa canal. Its rings are detachable. The dispute lasted so long that, by the time it was settled, the NHL had resumed operating for the —06 season , and the Stanley Cup went unclaimed for the —05 season. No championship team names from the to the season are currently on the Cup. The Cup has a chaperone. PCHA president Frank Patrick had not filed a challenge, because he had expected Emmett Quinn of the NHA to make all of the arrangements in his role as hockey commissioner, whereas the trustees thought they were being deliberately ignored. Alex Delvecchio 's name was misspelled as "Belvecchio" in

Her son John later had his name engraved as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning in Montreal also holds the record for most consecutive Cup wins with five in a row from to Two babies have been baptized in the Cup.

After the Colorado Avalanche won the championship, defenseman Sylvain Lefebvre used his personal day with the Cup to have his daughter christened in the top bowl. Ticket receipts from the challenge games are to be split equally between both teams.

The stanley cup

With no more room to engrave their names and unwilling to pay for a second band , teams left their mark on the bowl itself. To boost morale for Canadian and American troops serving in the Middle East, the Cup was flown into an active war zone at Camp Nathan Smith in Kandahar, Afghanistan, for a meet and greet. This Cup also properly honoured those teams that did not engrave their names on the Cup. The Vancouver Millionaires became the second team to engrave players' names, this time inside the bowl along its sides. Way back when the Cup was first donated, Lord Stanley mandated that two trustees must always be appointed to care for the Cup and ensure it was kept in proper condition. All of St. After the —06 champion Carolina Hurricanes were crowned, and the new bottom ring was finally added along with the retiring of the band listing the —41 to —53 champions. Originally, a new band was added each year, causing the trophy to grow in size.

There does not appear to be any such outward sign of a championship at present, and considering the general interest which matches now elicit, and the importance of having the game played fairly and under rules generally recognized, I am willing to give a cup which shall be held from year to year by the winning team.

The cancelled season was acknowledged with the words "—05 Season Not Played".

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InCup trustees declared that it was to be defended only at the end of the champion team's regular season.

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