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Soils Soil compaction can occur in certain well-used areas. It is also, therefore, a key to determining whether or not you will be able to attract investment. Ecotourism is a component of sustainable tourism. To create ecotours, you will need to learn about regions that are available to tourists and find out how and where they can find lodging that does not require new construction but can instead be at facilities indigenous to the land. Furthermore, envisioned as a positive approach towards sustainable development, unplanned or poorly planned and implemented tourism can have serious negative effects, offsetting the benefits it was designed to provide. Ecotourism incorporates environmental and cultural education. Why have you selected this form? Potential Risks from Tourism Ecotourism — Sustainable Tourism in National Parks and Protected Areas, Ecotourism has been regarded as a panacea for solving many of the environmental and economic problems of lessdeveloped nations. Many are listed in the funding section of this handbook. Volunteering and participating in hands-on experiences are also often part of these tours. What are the future prospects for the tourism industry and your ecotourism business?

Flowering plants are important resources in ecoturism. Volunteering and participating in hands-on experiences are also often part of these tours.

Training Staff Staff training which integrates sustainable tourism into work practices, along with recruitment of personnel at all levels, improves the quality of the tourism product 9. Integrating tourism into planning Tourism development which is integrated into a national and local strategic planning framework and which undertakes environmental impact assessments, increase the long-term viability of tourism 5.

Ecotourism helps in community development by providing the alternate source of livelihood to local community which is more sustainable. Many groups have proposed sets of guidelines or principles for sustainable tourism and ecotourism Tourism Concern and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature developed a wellknown list of principles and guidelines inwhich are presented in Table 4.

Ecotourism plan sample

It is universal that tourism is a crucial industry to provide economic support to developing countries. What are your competitive advantages in the ecotourism market? Take account of what your competitors are doing, and how they are getting publicity. Briefly how will it be marketed and sold? Disposal of sewage or litter in rivers, lakes or oceans. Therefore, ecotourism is accepted as an alternative type of sustainable development. A business plan should clearly present all of the important information regarding your ecotourism business. Dimensions of ecotourism development refer to the environmental, economic, and social aspects of tourism development, and a suitable balance between these dimensions must be established to maintain its long-term sustainability Bhuiyan et al,

It should include a summary of what is to come. Ecotourism incorporates environmental and cultural education. Start with a general overview and then give some specific details about your business.

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For those providing food, a food safety statement is needed.

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