What makes a leader summary

Cognitive factors leadership

The ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships, and build functional networks. There are many proven methodologies. Daniel Goleman further underscored that a person can be incredibly intelligent, showing high-proficiency in analytic reasoning and holding impressive technical skills, but that without emotional intelligence, he or she will never be a great leader. Other articles of the same issue:. Some will fail to see the correlation between working and emotional intelligence. What Makes a Leader? It basically includes the following five components: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and finally, social skill.

Yet, even with maturity, and for those in a hurry, only true persistence and desire combined with effective efforts can truly enhance emotional intelligence. Other articles of the same issue:.

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Republished in his new collection of works, Goleman takes us through the fundamentals of leadership. The first, he says is cognitive empathy.

What makes a leader summary

For those who read these lines thinking they are lacking of some of the attributes described above, there is no need to worry. But it was only in that the psychologist applied this conceptual phrase to business in the HBR review.

It is the interpersonal skills that make the difference.

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This is what creates chemistry, and you need that for any interaction.

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What Makes a Leader