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So let's do that, let's multiply the second equation by, I'm just gonna switch to one color here, so this top equation is going to be W plus B is equal to So it's five times six, B is equal to 30 and B was in kilometers so if he travels 30 kilometers, 30 kilometers by bus, B is equal to 30 kilometers, and the amount that he walks, well, we can figure that out.

And then there's some remaining number of adults that brought two children.

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So what do we know? So the distance walking is W kilometers W kilometers divided by his rate, the distance divided by your rate is gonna give you your time, so let's see, his rate is five kilometers per hour, five kilometers per hour and so you're gonna have kilometers cancel kilometers and if you divide by or if you have one over hours in the denominator, that's going to be the same thing, this is gonna be W over five hours, so the units work out.

Once you have a symbolic representation of the problem - typically in the form of a set of simultaneous equations to be solved, try eliminating variables one at a time by rearranging terms, using basic arithmetic operations and substitutions.

So I encourage you to pause the video and try to think about on your own.

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Convert these values or constraints back into the context and language of the problem to express the solution. Explanation below, please Explanation: To start, assign the variables to unknowns, known values to constants, and relate them by the relations between the variables and constants.

So multiply both sides by 12 over 11, 12 over 11, what we get, these cancel out, what we get is that B, so I'll do this in this color, B is equal to, let's see, I have a 12 in the numerator two in the denominator so I can make that a six and a one, then I have a 55 and 11, I can divide both by 11, so it's gonna be five and a one.

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System of equations word problem: walk & ride (video)